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Pest and Disease Management

Managing pests and diseases for trees in New Zealand is a big deal because our trees face various challenges that can mess with their health. It's super important to know about these issues, how to stop them before they start, and what to do if they do show up. Let's dive into some common problems and how to handle them:

A diseased tree, dead and fallen

Pesky Pests

  • Bronze Beetle (Adoretus spp.): These bugs love snacking on all sorts of trees, messing with their roots as larvae and munching on leaves as adults, which can make trees look sad and weak.

  • Kauri Dieback (Phytophthora agathidicida): This disease is a big threat to kauri trees, getting into their roots and spreading fast through soil or water, which can be a real disaster for these iconic trees.

  • Eucalyptus Tortoise Beetle (Paropsis charybdis): These beetles are a pain for eucalyptus trees, making their leaves look all holey and reducing how much sunlight they can soak up.

  • Giant Willow Aphid (Tuberolachnus salignus): Found on willow trees, these aphids suck sap from the leaves, making them look weird and making the trees feel weak.

Preventing Problems

  • Keep an eye on your trees: Check them often for weird signs like odd-coloured leaves, chewed-up bits, or droopy branches.

  • Keep it clean: If you spot any sick bits on a tree, get rid of them ASAP to stop diseases from spreading. And clean your pruning tools after using them to avoid spreading germs around.

  • Give 'em good care: Water, mulch, and feed your trees right to keep them healthy and less attractive to pests and diseases.

  • Go native: Plant trees that belong in New Zealand. They're usually better at dealing with local bugs and diseases.

Fixing Things Up

  • Let nature help: Sometimes, bringing in bugs that eat the bad bugs can help keep things in balance. Like getting ladybugs to chow down on aphids.

  • Use chemicals wisely: If things get really bad, you might need to use bug or fungus killers, but be careful and follow the instructions to protect other critters and the environment.

  • Tend to the soil: Keep your soil happy and well-drained to avoid diseases that lurk in soggy dirt, especially ones like kauri dieback.

  • Trim and clean: Cut off any sick branches to help the tree recover and stop diseases from spreading. And don't forget to clean your tools between cuts!

By keeping an eye on your trees, taking care of them right, and dealing with problems smartly, you can keep New Zealand's trees healthy and strong. Sharing what you know with others in your community can also help keep our awesome trees safe and happy for generations to come.

Need help? Contact us at Axeman Trees Ltd today for a free assessment.

a dead, fallen, diseased tree


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